This girl loves KDramas, KPop, Kawaii things, and the South Korean culture and their boys!! THE BEET TYPE OF GIRL EVER!!
Girl 1: I’m Such A VSCO Girl SkskkkskSk
Girl 2:... Yeah I’m Definitely A K-Girl
by HaloAngels October 31, 2019
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The most amazing person ever. The most beautiful person ever, inside and out. Is just an outgoing, crazy, fun-loving, girl that you have to meet. Boys will chase her, girls envy
her life, and she has the BEST friends ever! :) She also has an amazing personality, and has many talents. Katie ROCKS!
Her name also means pure, which totally describes her!!! I don't know where I'd be in life without Katie. The moment you
leave her, you miss her. She is the most amazing person ever.
Well, I don't know where to start. She is just the most amazing person ever, and means the WORLD to me. She is always at my side, rain or shine, and I can totally depend on her whenever I need her. I may embarrass her, hurt her, or just go simply crazy in front of our school, but I know that she will still accept me for who I am. If it weren't for Katie, I'd be lost in life. We are like sisters! But closer! I know k-girl will alway be at my side!
by Coliebear8 February 06, 2010
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1. a phrase used to tag unknown and superfluous people who don't belong in facebook pictures.
2. a term of massive disrespect to denigrate a person's status on facebook
Q: Who is that bitch in your facebook picture?

A: I don't know... K, random girl?
by cherylstanga April 30, 2009
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Young females who work at K-mart are notoriously easy. Without much effort you can often fool around with them in the store. If you are a young male it is highly recommended to take employment with K-mart.

If you haven't noticed you will rarely find an employee stocking the shelves or tidying up in K-mart. It is because they are all hiding in the stock room giving or receiving blowies.
What do you mean, you don't know how to stalk on facebook , it's easy as k-mart girls.
by whackipedia July 25, 2011
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It means Kawaii Girl a girl who loves pastels and kawaii things.
Hey, look at that K-girl. -Tom
I love Kawaii Girls!! -Henry
by Freaky-K July 19, 2019
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