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Gaming term that stands for "kill/death ratio" used to refer to the number of people you are able to kill in a game before you die. It is calculated by taking the number of people that you killed and divided by the number of deaths that you have had.
If you killed 15 people in the span of 6 lives, then your K/D would be 2.5, meaning that for every life that you have, you are able to kill about two and a half people.

"Dude, my K/D is 1.2. I suck!"
by ThatKidWhoKnowsItAll December 18, 2011
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It's infinity during your life and 0 at the end of your life, unless you're a murderer.
Everyone's who didn't murder anybody and is reading this K/D is infinity.
by 32121 November 26, 2019
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i have a horrible k/d in fortnite and my stats just suck in general.
by skinnypop!ยก January 25, 2019
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