Someone you knew growing up. In other words, everyone knew someone called lil man. If you don't remember, ask one of your old friends if they remember "lil man" and they will tell you that "so and so's little brother" was called "lil man"
Lil Man, my friends are here. Go watch TV with mom. We're talkin big dude stuff and no you can't play X-box with us.
by scott trowbridge June 09, 2006
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Used by 15 year old chav mums everywhere to describe their sons, who are usually wearing a fake white Nike tracksuit with chocolate ice stains all over it.
Chav mum - Come on lil man let's go to the park and feed the ducks this stale Netto bread!

Chav toddler - No!

Chav mum - Fuck you then you little bastard! *smack, smack, smack*
by Bob Willam August 08, 2009
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