Of Jamaican-Canadian origin.
While having sex with a woman, usually one that is quite large or overwieght, the male not only slips his penis into her vagina, he also stuffs his testicles inside of her. This is continued, with a slightly shortened pumping motion untill ejaculation. Also refered to as, "Balls-n-All".
I met this mass-gyal at the club and mashed that ass steady. When I got it ripe and ready, I stuffed in my nutts and was juxing her ting until I got that nut. Big up yourself!
by NavyDadWax April 3, 2006
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One who is known to have "relationships" with many goats. Usually has history of living or working on farm.
He grew up in Iowa, rumor has it, he was a real juxe.
by Dumpster Edel December 28, 2011
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a jack move; to rob a nigga if he's stylin on you
I got the hoody and the mask on, I'm comin' for the jux!
by OG Killer Bobby Johnson November 13, 2010
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As Dillard was sitting in his seat, he got up to grab his bi-focals and wen he came back to sit in his seat he noticed that Tyrome was sitting in his seat. He asked Tyrome ina nice mannor y he was sitting in his seat. Tyrome rudely replied I JUXED UR SEAT DILLARD.

Tyrome went into the store and juxed a soda. He also called a jux on Dillards life!

u can say juxed in many different ways:
I jus juxed ur hat.
Bob jus called a jux on my sneakers.
Those kids r juxing everthing they c.
Im gona jux ur life!
by Dillard Johnson October 6, 2008
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A carefully planned robbery of any criminal entity or persons by another such entity or persons by way of a gun being the principle tool.
one drug dealer plotting and then Juxing (robbing) another drug dealer.
by O.G. YELLO July 4, 2010
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to get stabbed, esp. in the stomach
He had sex with yo mama? You better jux that fool.
by West Orlando January 27, 2004
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