3 definitions by Dillard Johnson

As Dillard was sitting in his seat, he got up to grab his bi-focals and wen he came back to sit in his seat he noticed that Tyrome was sitting in his seat. He asked Tyrome ina nice mannor y he was sitting in his seat. Tyrome rudely replied I JUXED UR SEAT DILLARD.

Tyrome went into the store and juxed a soda. He also called a jux on Dillards life!

u can say juxed in many different ways:
I jus juxed ur hat.
Bob jus called a jux on my sneakers.
Those kids r juxing everthing they c.
Im gona jux ur life!
by Dillard Johnson October 6, 2008
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this is when you take a shit into a condom, throw the condom filled with a turd into the freezer. You wait until the shit freezes and becomes hard like a dildo and u stick it in your girl.
Tyrome- yo guess wat i did last night to my girl!

Dillard- what tyrome what?!?!

Tyrome- i gave her a russian igloo!!

Dillard- YAY!! i hope to one day achieve that level of excellence!!
by Dillard Johnson October 14, 2008
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when u are taking orders, gettin bitched around.
Hey dillard shut the fuck up or im gona punch u in the mouth!

O ok im sorry i offended u.

Damn right u better be.

(dillard turns around walks away with his head down knowing that he just got fuckin sunned!)

by Dillard Johnson October 6, 2008
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