This name describes a person who is, self centered and thinks the world is against him. Dark, athletic, funny, sexy and whorish. He plays to win and wins to play. He doesn't know a good girl when he sees one so he always playing games with girls that ain't no good. He's got dreams bigger than this world but his back up plans are going to get him locked up.
C: You seen Tyrome.
G: Yea girl he was at the courts then he left and went to the Trap.
by BasicWhiteBitch January 11, 2015
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Divining by the coagulation of cheese
The sorcerer utilized his skills in tyromancy to read my future in the cheese curds.
by Wilbur Nether October 26, 2005
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Poor odds, as in betting.
Yo, I'm not putting a cent down on that Spurs game. Those odds is straight tyromancy.
by Grace Yes June 8, 2006
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Tyrome Habalaba is a weird friend to play a cancerous game with and he sweats like a cold water bottle and also somehow manages to steal every girl in the school even though he plays this cancerous game and decides to date them because he broke up with his girl friend. For some reason wears a naruto headband every where he goes. He is also good at everything and it’s weird. His two little cousins, lays bag and grass blades fought and lays bag tried to cross the street on a skateboard even though every one told him to walk earning him the stupid ass name lays bag.
F1: hey you see that dude with the headband who is really good at everything?

F2: yes why?

F1: he’s such a Tyrome Habalaba

F1& F2:* fucking rage quit*
by Wayne Jefferdson April 2, 2019
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