someone who has a little flavor but it isnt too strong
sam is just flavored water. he lives in ktower at UK
by harh September 23, 2007
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When you forget there's still some pepsi left in your cup and the ice completely melts, creating a heavily diluted and unpleasant pepsi. Usually inside a disposable cup from a fast food restaurant.
Oh man I forgot I didn't finish my pepsi, this shit is pepsi flavored water now.
by Killian Meyers April 2, 2021
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briana banks loves taking a large amount of hot dog flavered water in her mouth, and swallowing every bit. whore.
by meso horny July 28, 2005
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ejaculate from the penis. AKA cum, jizz, skeet, etc.
stefanie loves when kris gives her the daily dose of hot dog flavered water. SKEET SKEET!!
by meso horny July 26, 2005
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this refers to the ejaculate from a male weiner dog
Gem's thirst is only quenched when she recieves her hot dog flavored water.
by Bizzoner April 23, 2004
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when you take a turd and the surrounding water turns a brownish colour. This is hotdog flavoured water.
Mitch: hey dean want some hot dog flavored water?
Dean: er sure, whats it like?
Mitch: its a bit nutty
Dean: er yeah sure
Mitch: *gleefully runs to floater in toilet with a cup*
by Azza310 May 7, 2006
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Chocolate Starfish - The outer edges of a womans ass hole.

Hot Dog Flavored Water - What a man tastes while licking and sucking a womans pussy after he cums in her.

Chocolate Starfish AND The Hot Dog Flavored Water - Now this is when you take the semen from your girls pussy and then transfer it out to lubricate your womans ass and then you fuck her ass.
"Did you hear about the guy who did that Chocolate Starfish AND The Hot Dog Flavored Water, his girls ass has been shitting cum for two days I heard!"
by Dave and Erica :) March 22, 2009
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