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insane intoxication, often results in naked rampades
1. "Oh my god, I was so Justined last night, that i ended up running naked laps!"

2. I was Justined for 3 nights in a row!
by JIsak August 17, 2008
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To knife someone in call of duty four.
While playin call of duty four...
Boy: Yo that kid so just stabbed me.
Girl: No he justined you.
by temper-Kiwi3 July 10, 2008
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1. The verb tense of the word Justine
2. To be betrayed by a friend or a group of friends. May or may not result in death.

Synonyms: Tana-d.

Verb tense form of the word Justine orginated by the current queen of the "Escape the Night" fandom, Leah Merone.

This Urban Dictionary definition was brought to you by the princess of the "Escape the Night" fandom.

Meaning originated from Season 1, Episode 3 of the YouTube Red/Originals series "Escape the Night."
1. I was Justine-d by my friends yesterday. They told my crush I was gonna ask him out when I told them not to.
2. Is Colleen gonna be Justine-d at this carnival?
by fandomgirl92 June 12, 2018
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