A phase used by drunk upper class females to coerce a male under class into having sex with the said upper class female despite the consequences. The male is in a moral tragedy at this point. he can accept the sexual advances of the drunken female and risk expulsion or face the ridicule of his classmates for his decision.
As the male awakes in the middle of the night from a half naked girl, who was not there previously.

Female: "Roll over and just go with it"
by Bagman91 December 13, 2010
Basically means to go. (No specifics, only people who "just Go" will understand.)Instant (verb), to (verb)in any manner or way, no real way(do something without thinking).Thinking is allowed, as long as you "Go". To do something out of the ordinary. "Going" is an on going action.(To finish,start, or continue). To make up something while you are doing something, randomness, to live your own way. To "Go" also refering to be a rebel or to be yourself.
Person 1: I wanna tap dat. Person 2 "Just Go". Person 1: I wanna ask dat girl out. Person 2: Then "Go", don't want.
Person 1:If a guy puts his wang up your hole, what do you do? Person 2:"Just Go". Person 1: I don't have a date to prom. Person 2: "Just Go"... by yourself. Person 1: Why are you naked? Person 2:I "Just Go". Person 1:My gun is jammed and theres too many enemies. Person 2: Who cares, "Just Go"!
by Lemuel D. February 12, 2008
when a person is fed up and wants you to leave immediatley without question or concern of to where you might be going and/or where you will end up.
person 1: whatever, im out of here

person 2: fine fuck you then

person 1: okee dokee

person 2: JUST GO already DAYUM
by my bed is special August 31, 2008
what you say when you're sad and want people to stay, and say this as a test to see if they care enough about you to stay
Friend- Are you ok? what happened??

You- Nothing. Just go away..
Friend- ok.. I hope you feel better.
You- Fuck.
by I'm fine *fake smiles* February 17, 2019
I girl usually says this while crying or is about to begin crying because she is ashamed to cry in front of you. She also thinks it will make you think less of her.
There are two things to do in this situation:
1) Do as she ask and leave
2) Sit down/stand next to her and put a comforting arm around her, and just try to make her feel better. The worst that can happen is she tells you to leave again.
by lilyevans May 27, 2014
Abbreviation for Did I Just Go There.... dot AL (Well thats the up for discussion and creativeness) A term used for the out of the box, creative minds who aren't afraid to push the boundaries. People who come up with crazy idea usually "Go there!

"I'm going to build an exclusive dealership on the moon that sells customised rocket ships....Daaaaaaam "DID I JUST GO THERE"
by DIJGT.AL January 26, 2018
in a relationship, it means to forget your ex, forget about everything you two did together, forget about what you two shared, and simply tell yourself that your ex will never come back to you. As you do, go on and find things that will/may give you happiness. Focus on your own life and don't ever think about your ex, that she/he may upset when she/he knows that you do something that may not appreciate him or her.
hangout with another guy, while your ex is watching, or in his presence. This action shows that you leave the past and just go on with your life
by TOGZY Tokz June 28, 2014