A set of clamps connected by insulated wires used to transfer electricity between vehicles. Also useful as a child disciplinary tool.
So, I was making myself a smoothie when I spilled it on the floor. My dad flipped and beat the shit out of me with a set of jumper cables.
by Intelligence001 May 23, 2020
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The act of giving two handjobs to two separate men at the same time. This term was "dubbed" as jumper cables because "positive" and "negative" penises being black and white, though not necessarily referring to this. Used sometimes to describe brothers on the DL. Real dedication and skill have to be used to create the appropriate amount of pleasure in both parties. Both members being pleasured must ejaculate at the same time, just like jump starting a car.
I gave jumper cables to my dad and brother at the same time, and it really jump started my heart (mouth).
by Jameson Dillon May 31, 2007
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An attack where one sneaks behind his victim and jabs him in the ribs, on both sides simultaneously. So called because of the jolt, like electricity delivered through jumper cables.
JUMPER CABLES!!! Scaddipps, that hurt, you douchebag!
by WWII October 29, 2004
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Double titty twister. Preformed on an unsuspecting victim by either leading into by questioning, or by complete surprise attack. Once preformed, prepare for your victims relflexes to kick in, you might get caught in their rage.

***Warning: If preformed several times you might find yourself with few friends.
Jerry: So, Brittany, do you know what jumper cables are?
Brittany: Uhh... no... why?
Jerry: Oh! Well nevermi.... JUMPER CABLES!!!
*Jumper cables are preformed*
Brittany: Fuck you Jerry! You just lost a friend!
by benormous April 24, 2006
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(n.) When a vehicle is having trouble starting (starter motor), a pair of cables (one positive, one negative) that connect from battery of one vehicle to the battery of the troubled one to give it a jump start.
Has anybody got a pair of jumper cables?
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 03, 2004
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When two penises push against each other to see who manages to finish docking in the other first
"Ishmael and George had a falling out after George won the Jalalabad Jumper Cable contest at the bar."
by spaghettieel August 15, 2019
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