When you get someone to jump on the bed next to you soaking to get some of the friction going without you technically causing the movement
Dude, come on over, Aaron be soaking and I need you to jump hump for us.
by Lil Red Ridin 'ood September 27, 2021
The next level up from the Mormon Dick Soak. A friend of the participating Mormons can jump on the bed to create a sort of artificial thrust, thereby increasing the stimulation of the soaking parties, while still keeping all involved in God's good graces.
Sorry I have to cancel dinner tonight, Stacy needs me to jump hump for her again.
by PharttBoi September 27, 2021
The process used by short people to engage in sex with normal sized individuals.
Rick was having trouble consummating his marriage with his wife so Kenny told him to give it his best jump hump.
by Farrah Fawcett Hair August 12, 2014
A dance move in which a person will come up behind the dancer or other person and proceed to hump/dance with them until the person turns around, at which time the jump 'n hump individual runs away avoiding recognition and leaving their victim confused and stunned. The literal translation deriving from being physically jumped and then humped.
Girl: (dancing, somehow gets separated from other girls/friends)
Guy: (starts dancing behind her)
Girl: what? (starts to turn around)
Guy: (Turns to girl next to her and starts dancing looking unaware)
Girl: Watch out Meg, there's some guy here doing the Jump 'N Hump.
by Bre MO September 23, 2008
The act of sticking your penis inside a girl's vagina while a friend jumps on the bed
Him and his girlfriend thought hump jumping would allow them to have sex but remain virgins.
by 664 Inc. October 16, 2021
A statement used to tell one to fornicate his female counter part without prior notice or with out her concent. also know as rape.
God: What did u do w/ that mary magdolin lady?
Mosses: Jump it and Hump it!!! WOOOT
by WWT SKATER July 24, 2006
verb: In Halo, when in mid-air, clicking the left thumbstick a second time causing the Master Chief's legs to raise up, useful in clearing tall obstacles.
I'm going to have to hump jump over that rock.
by Shmitty June 28, 2005