You’ll never meet another girl like Juliette. The most beautiful, complex, sexy, alluring girl you’ve ever tried to understand. She sees the true beauty of life and has an inclination to explore. Juliette is a free-spirit who doesn’t care if she embarrasses herself. She says the most unexpected bizarre things that are always hilarious. Crazy things always seem to happen around her and she has a story for everything. A Juliette can come off as shy in school and mysterious but once you get to know her, she’s so wonderfully quirky and HALARIOUS. She knows the most random things and her intelligence can’t be determined by a test grade. Juliette is petite but is the biggest personality in the room. She’s so smart and has a talent for writing. A Juliette is very creative and her personality is so complex. Her drawings are unvelivable and she’s very humble. She’d rather spend the day on an adventure instead of on instagram. This girl would choose love over anything and if you’re lucky enough to marry her, you must be pretty special. (She’s picky). A Juliette is motherly and deep and she always does what she knows is morally right. She’s not afraid to speak her mind and loves being different. She loves to make people laugh and never overreacts. You wouldn’t trade her for the world.
Boy 1: Juliette is cute as fuck.

Boy 2: Yeah but she’s much more than that
by PrettyBoyBeef January 17, 2019
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Juliette’s are strong independent woman. they don’t need to follow there friends, they’re natural born leaders. they are very determined and smart. they also can come off as VERY blunt, but it comes in handy. A juliette is usually the girl who is friends with everyone, but doesn’t have a certain group of friends she likes. also juliette’s have gorgeous hair,. She is kind of athletic when it needs to be, but she excells in areas academically. Juliette’s can be very bitchy, but only when needed. Juliette’s need that one best friend to be happy. Juliette’s are loyal af, but every cross her and you will die. She is also very happy and perky, and would never try and hurt someone. Everyone needs a juliette in there life wether you know it or not
man 1: DAMN who she?
man 2: probably a juliette
by hippiechicky345 March 14, 2018
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A Crazy akward Girl WHO Is beautiful and Full of WONDER she always wants to Know What Is going on and most of The Time gets What she Wants she Is amazing funny and talented never LET a juliette Go
Friend: Hey dude You seen juliette. Guy: nah sees probably At Her friends House Being weird or cute
by Akwardpotato February 10, 2018
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Juliette is probably the best person you will ever meet. She can seem to be mad at you sometimes but really that is her way of showing that she likes you. If you are friends with or are dating a Juliette you are very lucky because her smile will light up the day. Juliettes are always extremely beautiful and are even more beautiful inside. When you look up at the stars you will se Juliette. Life without Juliette is pointless, isn’t it thou Romeo?
Did you see Juliette today she sets the city on fire
by Iiiioiioiiitttttt April 26, 2019
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Juliette is a crazy, awkward, nerdy girl who is shy at first but ONCE you know her she becomes CRAZY!!!! She is a big fangirl. Juliette has a HUGE appitite, but is athletic, so doesnt get FAT. Juliettes are loyal and will never let their friends be sad for ONE MINUTE! She is a great person to have as a BFF. She is a huge party-girl, and is bouncing-off-the-walls insane!!!Don't get her mad, though. JUliettes are scary when they are angry!!! :) Juliettes are crazy, compassionate, happy, nerdy, athletic, fangirly, loyal, awesome people!!! You will always love a Juliette!
"Hey, have you seen Juliette?"
"Yeah, she is probably off partying or reading!!!"
"She is so weird and crazy!"
"Yup-she's COOL!"
by dinosaur1602 April 15, 2014
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A “Juliette” is a fun,loving girl who will always be by your side you can always count on them. Juliette’s are weird and crazy but deep down are kind and caring. They act confident but really lack in self esteem,they care what people think and always try to do their best. Juliettes are loyal and great BFFs. They are stylish and have great hair, and always do excellent in academics and sports. They would make the best girlfriend and they really know how to party.

Loving,caring,kind,nice,stylish,crazy,weird,loyal,great hair,athlete,smart
Chloe:ughhh I’m having the worst day!

Juliette:hey wanna talk about over some coffee

Chloe:sure,sounds great
by Taco95 March 30, 2018
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A "Juliette" is a fun and energetic (although sometimes lazy) girl. She's beautiful, but some have minor physical flaws. "Juiette"s are great kissers and they love it when guys flirt with her. She can be bitchy at times when you piss her off but other than that, she's a really great friend who's shy at first, then shows herself once you get to know her better. She takes life as a joke and as a game. A "Juliette" is very stylish and has perfect hair and extremely soft skin. She can be dorky and embarrassing at times, but you'll learn to live with it.
Girl 1: "OMG I love Juliette's hair!"

Girl 2: "Ya me too, I wish I was her."
by jag girl 98 June 27, 2010
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