A very sexy and girl who gets whats she wants ALL THE TIME, but isn't slutty
Julianne is so awesome!
by Ms. Wentz October 17, 2007
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Julianne is a free spirited yet socially awkward weirdo whom you can share a good laugh or hug with at any time. Their beauty is undeniable and they often don't recgonize it. They have hearts of pure gold and never want people whom they care about to get hurt. They are amazing people whom you fall in lov with immediately and never fall out of love with. They are commonly brunettes with gorgeous chocolate brown eyes and a smile that could kill. They love food, any type, and when you hang out with them you will usually stuff your selves silly. They are the type of people whom you can get high off of just with their personality. They don't usually do the best in school but they try their hardest and that is all that matters to them. If you are their best friend you are very lucky because the friendship that a Julianne gives lasts forever. Juliannes are all together brilliantly gorgeous people whom you can always depend on.
did you see julianne today?
Yeah she was giving her friend a hug hug!!!!
by katelinmarie November 05, 2016
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Julianne is sometimes nice she is really protective of her friends and they usually have green or brown eyes and multicolored hair she is glued to her phone and she is very wild she could stay up all night! The thing that bothers me the most abt Julianne is that when people call her pretty and all she does is deny it she is very annoying but when one person who means nothing says something mean to her it could mean the whole world is ending she is very dramatic. The last thing I’m going to say about Julianne is her love life it’s not the best and she is always hung up on one guy it’s really annoying but she’s still my bestfriend
“Hey who are you on the phone with at this time”
I’m on the phone with Julianne”
by Annielo March 28, 2018
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A beautiful, real girl that is the complete package so much so that if guys can't have her they cause as much drama as a VH1 reality show.
Why is Julianne talking to him?
by PinkCosmo February 04, 2010
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A beautiful, delicious, sexy women. She is the envy of all her friends. She is the most amazing girl for advice and will often think down about herself when she is always the complete opposite. She is always the number 1 person to go to for advice. And gets heart breaks easily and she is very sweet, and always a morning person
Julianne is such an amazing girl why can't I be here
by What a girl January 04, 2017
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being high off life and saying things without thinking because of it
She was talking to him and all of a sudden he went all julianne on her new haircut.
by elephantas December 09, 2007
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