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A Julianne is a well known beautiful girl. Often used in the fact of describing someone who is super smart and just downright amazing. Julianne's tend to not group together and so finding one is somewhat of a rarity, but when you do- it's like.. BAM LOOK IT IS A WILD JULIANNE LOOK AT HER IN HER NATURAL HABITAT. See how beautifully she moves? How nice she is.
"Hey did you see that girl walk by, she was a total Julianne."

"I know it, you think she'd give us her number?"

by Mulina November 20, 2012

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A Mulina is typically a girl prone to outburst of random emotions, she tends to feel power hungry but loves to be a shoulder to cry on. Seriously, one of the craziest people you'll ever meet, Mulina's tend to cling to others, and get very dependent upon their 'drugs'. Overall though, Mulina's try to help everyone and remind people they are loved and cared for and always have someone there. Mulina's might be referred to as 'seeking god-like qualities' but really, they are just crazy and unsure so they quickly change to suit what ever situation they are in or who ever they are talking to.
Also known as 'Mullying."
"Hey, you see that girl being a Mulina?"

"Yeah, she's totally a people-pleaser."
by Mulina November 20, 2012

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