A girl with a beautiful smile who probably likes anime.
Wow Julianne! Your smile is beautiful! You should smile more!
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by lobsterboy_ October 20, 2020
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The hottest sexiest person to ever live. Super sweet and caring the best girlfriend anyone Can ever have. Makes everyone around her feel super happy and positive. Super beautiful has the hottest body ever. Everyone loves her. Best person that can ever exist and no one will beat her.
Wow it’s Julianne
by Xxxtentententacion October 19, 2020
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The most amazing friend someone could ever have. She is kind, smart and extremely creative. She is very kind hearted and will risk herself for others. She always see the best in people and will never stop trying to. She always has a smile on her face and when she’s sad everyone that’s her friend is always going to comfort her because she gives so much to her friends.
“Did you see that girl the other day?” “Yeh dude that’s Julianne, she super nice!”
by MaddieisSweet September 08, 2019
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Julianne (aka Julie) is a beautiful, thick, and loyal girl. Although she may be a pimp there's always that one boy that she will drop all her sides for. She is a true friend and never switches up. She's fisty and will be willing to fight anybody and everybody who comes in her way or who tries to steal her man. She is very territorial and anything that she claims is hers, you better believe it's hers. She is a funny and sporty girl and will stop at not cost to be at the top. Everything has to be her way!!
Damn Julianne is looking good thus morning.
Yeah she is.
I'ma go ask her out.
Aha good luck with that she's focused on this other boy.
But I'm captain of the football team.
She doesn't care.
Man what a lucky guy.
by ¿Que sera? October 18, 2016
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A red head with brown eyes and freckles that's a super good friend! Julianne's are usually interested in rainbows, unicorns, lolipops, and beaches. Their hobbies include dancing, singing, acting, and twirling in circles! They are happy all the time but when they get mad its world war three!
Girl: Hey thats Julianne!
Boy: Omg shes awesome!
by gingerunicornlover November 15, 2011
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An extremely air-headed women who is possibly the stupidest person you will ever meet. She is an attention whore who only wishes to talk about herself. You will be frequently interrupted by her as she tells an irrelevant story and then changes the subject back to herself. Her only redeeming quality is the most amazing bootylicious ass ever to be seen. In spite of her shallow nature you will be compelled to hang around her and talk to her because of the seductive nature of her ass.
Julianne: and then I went down to the lake; and then I rode a horse; and then me and my friends were like totally like.....
Man's Thoughts: Jesus what an air-headed bimbo, but man that is one fine piece of ass.
by Womanizer666 August 08, 2012
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She is my favorite babushca. She is amazing in every way and makes everyone’s day everyday. She always puts her feelings aside and listens to your problems even if you don’t listen to hers. If you meet this rare species you better become great friends. Not as great of friends as us but you can try 😉 . Also she is hot, cute, beautiful, she can dance, she has style, she makes boys faint, and she is just plain amazing.
Dang Julianne did you fall out of a vending machine cause you a snacccccccccccccccccccccccccc”
by Gh897bloop November 15, 2018
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