1. An amazing paradox of a person. Can be open yet reserved, silly yet intelligent, beautiful and not realize it, and loud yet meaningful. Contact may stop your heart.

2. A one-legged bird

3. A Russian stew
1. "So then she cut me off, but I didn't do anything about it."
"Why not?"
"Because dude, she was Juliana."

2. "I saw this Juliana who totally couldn't fly."

3. "Dude, I ate Juliana yesterday!"
by omgitsjoseph June 10, 2007
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Juliana is the most amazing girl ever! She has a kind heart and is always watching out for everyone. She has a smile that lights up the room and makes friends wherever she goes. She is super popular even though she doesn't know it. All the girls are jealous of how all the boys are crushing on her and her gorgeousness. She is an athletic girl and has can`t stop moving. She is the leader of her group with about 5 best friends and about 16+ good friends. She is super smart in many ways but hates anything scary. She loves roller coasters and Bubble Tea. She never backs down and doesn't get hurt easily. But family is everything to her and she loves them with all her might. If you ever meet a Juliana, don`t let her go. You will even be lucky if she ever notices you anyway...
There she was, the most popular girl in school, Juliana, playing basketball
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by 12121212122 April 17, 2019
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The best girl a man could ask for. This girl will absolutely take you breath away once you lay eyes upon her. Her beauty knows no match.Her body is a wonderland of perfect curves. She is smart, funny, and extremely sexy. She knows exactly what to do to turn her man on and she does it with ease. Juliana is shy at first but when you get to know her she wil open up to you and show you that beautiful, outgoing sweet-heart that every guy craves. She is the love of my life.
Me "Hey you see that girl right there?"

Friend "Yeah, thats juliana."

Me "Dude, i am in love <3 "

6 months later......

Me " Hey Juliana. I love you!!! :) <3 "
Juliana " i love you too Daddy:) "
by thatguyyoulove12312 March 31, 2011
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Juliana is a sweet , kind and adorable girl she is very confident and nice, but I have to workpn you if you get on her bad side she will be the baddest revenge bitch u could ever imagine , stay on her good side , a mythical thing that may describe her is a banshee cause if you get on your bad side they will scream so loud, Juliana is a loud outgoing person she can be jealous but otherwise confident a lot of guys live her
Have u seen Juliana ?

What!?! No uhh
Are you scared of her!?
I did something bad

Man she's juliana watch your back
by I love super great cake May 01, 2015
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This girl is the most beautiful girl to ever exist in the world. She makes her man feel like his is the only one on the face of the earth that matters. I love her to death. She is my one, true, and only love. She always will be. She makes me feel so special
Juliana: "I loves you, daddy."
Boyfriend:"I loves you, baby girl."
by MadlyInLoveTB December 08, 2012
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Juliana is an amazing person.She is very shy and quiet.If you start talking to her she turns into this amazing girl that will make you fall in love with her.She is also very dirty minded she likes to talk freaky.Juliana dosent chase guys,she let's them chase her.She is very beautiful funny and overall an amazing person.She knows how to keep a guy attracted to her.Shes also very loyal to the people she loves.
Who's the new girl?
Oh that's Juliana she's amazing !
by Austin Jomes November 11, 2017
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A beautiful, funny, intelligent, Sicilian brunette girl that has her own style, yet may occasionally seek the Charlotte Russe look and spends her summer tanning.
Girl #1: Oh my God, do you see how tan she is?? I wish i was that tan! And look at that dress, it's adorable!

Girl #2: Yeah, she's totally pulling off the Juliana look well.
by juanboy89 January 28, 2011
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