Julia is a nice caring friend. Julia will always try and be there for her besties. Julia may be a little short but that wont stop them. Julia's arent usually athletic, but if they are, they are the best! Julia loves to read and makes really good grades. Julia trys her hardest and doesnt quit easily. Julia is also a good dancer. Julia's can be religious and try and get her friends to come to church with her. She will succeed in life because of the people around her, her decisions, and her mind. Julia is one of the greatest people you will ever meet!
that girl is good at dancing, she must be a julia!
by kittycat15 March 21, 2012
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Julia is usually brown haired, and is super skinny. They love life and they love most people, others can just get on their nerves. Some Julia's can fall in love to quick so they have to watch out! They can do anything that they put their minds to and usually get what they want! They can be really good a getting the fellas to fall for 'em! They are athletic, artsy, good at dancing and love a good party! They can also like a good book! They find themselves attracted to what's inside a person not whats on the outside, but they do like some eye candy! Julia's care most about their family and friends and will do anything for them! They can kick people's butts if you say or do anything to the ones they are about, she's a bad mamma jamma! They thing they do most is listen to music that's their life!! Lastly Julia's are very fashion forward!! Next time you see a Julia tell them their beautiful and you'll be sure to win their heart!
Oh wow I've never seen a girl look like that she must be a Julia
by Hannah Lingo March 29, 2013
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Funny, amazing dancer. normally likes guys named jared.............. and gets gold honoral always. Never neglect this friendship. she always laughs for no reason especially when she is with her friends. Honorable, sweet, caring, *loves smiles* :) :) :) :) :P lol
Julia: tee hee

Girl 1: "Julia whats so funny?"

Julia: "Nothing."

Girl 1: lol :)
by jajm July 04, 2012
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Julia is Outgoing intelligent and Hot. Not necessarily book smart. She's a romantic. Dreams of kisses under the moonlight and being swept of her feet. Doesn't fit in one category. Unique. Down to earth. Experimental. Breaks rules and has fun doing it. Family minded. Never involved in drama. Sometimes unforgiving. not typically athletic but if she is she kicks butt. Might play Volleyball, Soccer( she looks good in knee highs), Softball (she plays hard), Track (field events with sand and sticks. she plays dirty), rugby (unique sport unique girl) or the only girl on the football team. likes untypical colors like zebra print and glow in the dark green. like guys with good sense of style. These guys are usually gay so she is with the nice cute and funny guy. Usually a Noah, Jim, Nate, Chris, Tim, or Bill. short name equals funny guy. She's good friends with her opposite but down to earth friends. Maybe Crystal, Amanda, Gay Guy, or Mexican girl . she's not emotional. Her birthday is always in the months that share the first letter of her name. She is a summer baby which makes her hot. or she is born in November so you should be thankful for her. Or February so u should love her. God is always making sure that everything works out for Julia even if tough times arrive. Julia is blessed beyond measure and will succeed in life. Julia is awesome she's hot, and just plane cool, so if you know a Julia you should probably get to know her. you wont regret it!
That Julia is pretty cool.
That Julia is so unique i can't quite put her in a category
by CricketUpward October 30, 2011
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The cutest girl you will ever see. Her nearness makes everyday the best, and her absence makes the atmosphere gloomy. You should cherish every moment you spend with her, it will be worth it.
Cam: Julia is a bitch


Ian: I hate everyone, especially Julia
Kevin: You shouldn't say that, you should be with her right now.
by PsychoDragon22 March 15, 2013
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Julia is a very nice, pretty, cute and charming girl! She is loyal in relationships. She has lots of friends and is liked by most people. She keeps secrets and is a great best friend! She is a crazy girl with weird ideas! She is hilarious when it comes to jokes! Julia's usually like athletic and are very sporty or are a very girly girl or even in the middle! She has a great personality! She is the kind of girl who is shy at firt but once you get to know her she does the craziest shit you could ever think of! Shes fun to be around and she will always cheer you up! Shes very competitive in certain things! She really likes dogs and children. She is beautiful both inside and out! Shes usually liked by most boys and is the girl that any boy could dream of!! Once you get to know Julia you will hope that shes going to stay your best friend forever!!
Omg do you know Julia shes gorgeous!
by juel_2002_xxx May 28, 2014
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A girl that shines with beauty inside and out. She can keep your secrets, and can be trusted with anything. She has MANY MANY friends, and tends to be HILARIOUS. She tends to act strong around others, but is a reck when she is alone. She is a messy girl, and is absolutely amazing in bed. She gives the best kisses and BJ's. She's a keeper.
Tom: Yo, I nailed Julia so hard last week. Soooo hot.

Christy: TOM!! Don't share that. Julia has a great personality, not just great sex.
by penelop3 June 12, 2011
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