Julias are usually tall and skinny. They have blond hair and brown eyes and are usually very athletic. They play lots of sports but usually play volleyball, basketball, and tennis. Julias are great dancers but don't actually dance. They usually worry about grades and are always hardworking. They have lots of sisters but no brothers. Julias make great friends and are gorgeous and smart.
by Hhahahhaahhahah May 31, 2013
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the hottest most beautiful girl you will ever meet. she is amazing and caring, and can cheer you up on even the darkest days ;) she knows she will have to wait to find the right guy, but when she does, she will go all out. her looks and her eyes will make you drop dead, and her body is absolutely perfect. all i can say is, find yo self a julia
Wow, i wish i could date a julia

Yo guess what, i just met a girl today and she acted just like a julia, you need a girl like that
by Bethany Comeau June 14, 2017
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Julia has nice hazel eyes and beautiful brown hair, she is very sweet and gentle in the manner she talks in. She has quite a bit of experience in many different situations and is always willing to do whatever she can to help. Shes a very sweet person who is very caring towards everybody but also carries respect for her own problems. She is very latent in the way she handles her work and doesnt always finish things on time, julia has a bad sleep habit.
Luke: hey is that julia
Nick: yea bro she didnt do her work
Luke: im not surprised shes lazy
Nick: yea but shes nice
by StormPhantom December 01, 2016
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A really kind and caring girl, who has lots of friends and is very popular. She reminds some people of a donkey, but overall she's really fun to be with. Julia's usually have a really good sense of humor, so they're good to be around when you're feeling sad.
Wow, that girl is so funny!
I know, she's also a Julia.
by WonkeyDonkeyUnited October 09, 2011
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