Julia is a name given to people of the female gender. Julias are usually talented, kind, sweet, and very loving individuals, though they could be a bit shy around new people but once you get to know her she'll be the most interesting person in your life. Julia as stated are very loving creatures, those who are fortunate enough to make a Julia fall in love with them are gifted with not just a bestfriend for life but also a loyal lover who will be by your side till the end. Though Julia is a soft individual she will always have a bestfriend to protect the little ball of pure sunshine, she also spends her time with this individual (bestfriend) alot. Even though she is soft, she is a very strong individual who has gone through alot. Julia may or may not be the best person on the face of the universe.
by Egg W/ Chicken noodles April 15, 2017
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She is a beautiful person, has tons of friends!! She loves animals, her friends and her family, she can be shy at times, She's not the flirtiest because she knows boys aren't as important as her bffs!
Julia is my BEST friend!!
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by EmTsgirl July 12, 2017
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She is an active person, athletic, beautiful, petite, and has a bunch of friends. Although she can act crazy at times she also can be serious at times and has a great personality. Hates wearing dresses because she can't do gymnastics. She also can be messy and loves family and friends.
Joe: " hey can i play too"
Boys: "no you suck at basketball"
Julia and her friends: " lets invite joe to hang out withe us"
by Monkeylover21 July 20, 2017
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Julia- is a short cute girl with a twisty personality she easily falls heads over heals but can contain herself she is not the most athletic but some how very energetic and loud and funny sometimes has trust issues but she always willing to give a 2nd chance
I love julia she is so energetic
by Julia freed September 27, 2017
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Is one of the nicest, sweetest, most amazing girls you will ever meet. She is insanely beautiful in every way, from her head to her toes. She is every guys dream girl and every guy needs one
"Oh my God, Julia is amazing!"
by ChazIzSwag April 22, 2017
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the hottest most beautiful girl you will ever meet. she is amazing and caring, and can cheer you up on even the darkest days ;) she knows she will have to wait to find the right guy, but when she does, she will go all out. her looks and her eyes will make you drop dead, and her body is absolutely perfect. all i can say is, find yo self a julia
Wow, i wish i could date a julia

Yo guess what, i just met a girl today and she acted just like a julia, you need a girl like that
by Bethany Comeau June 14, 2017
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Being pretty. Refering to Julia (Fiona) Roberts in movie Pretty Woman. If you don't find Julia Robs attractive use another word.
Julian: You are so Julia.
Daisy: Thanks, that's nice to hear.
Julian: By the way, what's your name?
by thux March 27, 2013
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