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I juggalette/juggalo is not someone who is all about violence, even though it is portrayed in the music, it's not what it's all about. We're a family because we all have the same values, or went through similar shit in our lives. Stickin together close to help each other get by, and no it's not about the music, it's about the way you live, not giving a fuck what other people say, but beating them down to get a point acrossed if you have to. Think we're violent just because we stand up for ourselves. If your family was getting bashed constantly simply for who we are you'd be pissy too. We are who we are and that's never going to change no matter what any whiney haters have to say. We're just like everyone else, just because we don't fit in the norm don't mean we dont' fit at all.
-Little juggalette.
by ZebraQueen May 26, 2009
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