Apparently likes to run around saying it's about "being yourself", while being in a group of (apparently millions) who are just like them.

The music it's based on is... very profane and disturbing, lacking in any kind of depth, and the following of this borders on being a cult, but at least they're loyal, dedicated, and believe in what they're a part of.

They're not all fat, or sexy, or druggies, or loose, or saints. Though there are obvious attention, self-esteem, maturity, and/or reality issues (which could be said with following any obsession of this sort to such a degree). That said, they're not ALL the same, some borderline not being an actual juggalette.

Most of this occurs strictly online, where people can act as tough as they want, hookup easily, and raid in groups without fear in an act of attempted intimidation (just see earlier definitions).

The lyrics are still disturbing...
Myyearbooker: "This person's myyearbook name is '*so in so* is a juggalette fan for lyf'. What's that?"

Friend: "Check their playlist for Insane Clown Posse, or see if they have any juggalo friends or boyfriends on their friend list."
by Not A Pseudonym April 20, 2011
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A "Juggalette" is the feamle counterpart of the "Juggalo" - fans of ICP (Insane Clown Posse - a group of 40+ yr old men who paint their faces, scream profanities and spit a drink called Faygo all over their loyal followers). They are usually in their rebellious teens, but there are some older adults who have yet to mature emotionally and mentally who follow, trying to hang onto their youth. These are sad people trying to fit in somewhere and belong to something, who have some inner emotional need that they can only seem to be filled by joining a group of other emotionally defunct people who allow themselves to be plied dry of their cash and spit on and cursed at by the same people they claim to be "down" with while telling the rest of the world that they "Don't take any crap from outsiders". They are incredibly sad people. Pity them...don't hate them. It's a cult like atmosphere and they are being used. See the word "Owned" or "pwned".
Juggalette: "I'm a Juggalette and I'm down with the clown!"

Normal person: "Why aren't you down with a job?"
by ICP outsider June 4, 2010
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The definition is not what any ICP loving fool thinks it is, it doesn't have anything to do with being "down with the clown" or being a retard with face paint.

The meaning of juggalette is a female who can hear and speak to ghosts. It is associated with The Magician in Tarot, who is sometimes called the Juggler. It's also known as being clairvoyant.

ICP did -not- invent or come up with the word in any way.
Because she could speak to ghosts, she was known as a juggalette.
by Josh-man August 18, 2008
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It's basically a cult for distraught teenagers with parents who absolutely suck. It is something else that has been created to make kids that have no guidance feel like they belong to something.
You don't see many national honor society members claiming to be down with the clown. Not saying they are all dumb but damn could put that energy toward something good rather than some nasty, dirty, fat, group. That band doesn't care about you at all. As long as you are paying to see their concerts and buying their CDs.
by Chri from the REAL world July 23, 2005
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The one breed with more self loathing than a goth girl.

Usually extremely overweight, unattractive and promiscuous. Can usually be found on webcam in chatrooms exposing themselves.

They are the reason why people are afraid of clowns.
steve - "once i went out with a goth chick"
mike - "dude thats nothing, once I went out with a Juggalette"

both - "ewww"
by The Truth December 7, 2004
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An American white trash female who suffers from loose virtues, dellusions of: grandure, toughness, self worth and intelligence. Common practices include: the dawning of rediculous clown makeup, having sex with any and all males who go by the title Juggalo, making online videos in which they threaten bodily harm against men they do not know with no intention of acting upon these idol fantasies. Silly and embarrasing though they may be, they are perhaps more than anything else, symbols of middle class white America's loss of identity and principle.
That Juggalette made a 15 minute video of herself smoking cigarettes and singing along to an Insane Clown Posse song. It was perhaps her life's greatest singular accomplishment.
by truth fan June 12, 2009
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A female juggler, who has escaped from the circus she was performing at, and is now on the run. Usually accompanied by an elephant and escaped zoo monkey. Often named katie or emily, and always unbelievably perfect. Dont mess with this juggler because they are always equally good at flame throwing.
Guy 1: "Did you see that building just burst into flames??"
Guy 2: " Dude I did. Someone must have messed with a juggalette."
by edawg and kcat!! January 3, 2009
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