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Much Clown Love. Used to say bye to someone in the world of Juggalos and Juggalettes. Also known as MMFCL= Much Mother F**king Clown Love. MMFWCJNHFL= Much Mother F**king Clown Juggalo Ninja Hatchet Family Love... But that's only for messed up people!
Yo, I'm out man... MCL
by ChrisThaUndying January 10, 2004
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Later guys - MCL
MCL im off

Mainly used by Juggalos/ets (ICP)
by CrazyMAC July 01, 2003
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Juggalo 1: Yo homie. MCL. Lets go listen to ICP and masturbate, dawg.

Juggalo 2: Word up g. Lets listen to twiztid and suck each other off!

Heterosexual man: Haha! Look at those masturbating clown losers!
by ICPKilla September 20, 2010
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(Ma Che Leso) You use this word to call someone leso in a short way
a: mcl lu Giovanni
b: yeah he is so leso
by Derby1537 March 15, 2020
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The MCL (Mineplex Competetive League) consists of 4 gamemodes, BCL, CWCL, MSCL, and CCL. All leagues are usually filled with closet cheaters and toxic 12 year olds. Most refs can't screenshare at all, leaving a lot of the cheaters to stay unblacklisted, and the management usually just sits there and does nothing.
1: Have you played in the MCL?
2: Yeah it sucks.
by abcdehjdkdmd July 13, 2019
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