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My Mans a Fag With a Can't-do Libido
"just cause we paint our faces, have faygo showers and wear all black u think were pathetic? FUCK YOU! MMFWCL To all my homies!!!"-Addrick Stich (#8 on this page)
by successful heterosexual May 02, 2010
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Commonly used by the bane of all human intelligence (also known as Juggalos/Juggalettes), a term usually used to convey "Much Mother-Fucking Wicked Clown Love". However, when looked at closer, the term translates into something more along the lines of "Massive Mongoloid Fucking Wigger Clown Loser".
Juggalo: "Yo homie, MMFWCL right to you"

Real Person: Yes, I understand you are an obese retarded wigger who thinks he is a clown and never graduated high school.
by Sakfak April 18, 2010
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Acronym. MMFWCL breaks down and stands for: Much Mother-Fucking Wicked Clown Love. A very common graffiti tag for juveniles lacking enough education to have creativity.
Police Officer: Young lady, what does "MMFWCL" stand for?

Juvenile: Um... "Much Mother-Fucking Wicked Clown Love"... sir...

Police Officer: Are you aware that by writing that on public property you have committed malicious mischief in the 3rd degree and could be elligible for an additional charge of retardation in the 1st degree?

Juvenile: No sir...

Police Officer: Retard, you have the right to remain silent...
by JimChach April 24, 2008
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Much Mother Fucking Wicked Clown Love. A term used to explain how much clown love you have for the ICP.
I have MMFWCL for J and Shaggz
by Curtis February 14, 2005
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A term used by redneck, trailer park, wiggers that was created by a pathetic joke of a rap group named "Insane Clown Posse". The term stands for "Much Mother Fucking Wicked Clown Love". The fans of the talentless duo I.C.P are called "Juggalos" better known as "Jackassalos" and they use the term within their pathetic circle.
I know I'm a pathetic, douchebag wigger that paints my face; but when I go to an I.C.P show, I get MMFWCL.
by Big Perm Jenkins February 02, 2008
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