(n.) A factor that appears the same in different situations. Derived from mathematics where the numerator is divded by the lowest common denominator in fraction questions where it must be discovered which fraction is bigger by making the denominator the same.
Your face is the common denominator in three robberies at your place of work, which implies you have a connection to these robberies, although we could be wrong.
by Kung-fu Jesus July 2, 2004
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A Justin Bieber love-meets-mathematics song.
Strangely, no one gets the lyrics right on any site.
Person #1: "Just a fraction of your love fills the aiir...."
Person #2: "Hey, isn't that Common Denominator by Justin Bieber ?"
Person #1: "It is !"
Person #2: "I love that song, but I can't find the right lyrics on the net"
Person #1: "Neither can I, who understands a song about math anyway ?"
by coco_chlowii5360 October 30, 2010
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A particular type of obnoxious person one encounters in extremely large groups, or where everybody is universally included. Because there are so many people, there is a significantly higher probability of idiotic people.
Facebook comment sections are terrible. It's just giving voice to the lowest common denominator.
by ButIDontLikeCheeseIts December 13, 2015
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1. The number underneath in a fraction after simplification

2. A dumbass or a group of dumbasses
1. "I got half marks in that maths test because I didn't simplify to the lowest common denominator"

2. "I got into a fight with a group of the lowest common denominator, mate"
by psychedelic_fuzz May 30, 2007
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The most logically-challenged portion of the general population for which the most obvious warnings, posts, signs and instructions must be written or designed to avoid catastrophe.
On the lid of the coffee cup: Contents may be hot.
On a package of kitchen knives: Caution! Items are sharp.
On a trash bag: Do not place over head.
At a railroad crossing: No parking.
On a clothes dryer: Do not place children or animals inside.

"This is the dumbest sign I've ever seen. Do they think I'm a complete moron?"

"Dude. Gotta plan for the Dumbest Common Denominator."
by Upallnightagain September 25, 2011
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The kid in class who slows down the rest by having to get every last thing repeated to him/her 8 times before understanding it.
Teacher 1) I hear you got Tommy and Linda in English class. I had them last year. They're some really bright kids.

Teacher 2) Yeah, but I feel horrible. It's damn near Christmas and we still haven't finished basic sentence structure because Kyle still doesn't understand subject-verb agreement and he asks me 2 dozen questions per class that I've already answered.

Teacher 1) That's always so unfortunate, when the brightest in the bunch are put in the same classes as the Slowest Common Denominator.

Teacher 2) Yeah. I wish there was room in the budget to have more advanced classes.
by daphunkeefeel1 July 14, 2012
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The first person at the front of a single line of moving traffic.
1st guy) Why is this traffic moving so slow.
2nd guy) There's a guy ahead of us that is driving the exact speed limit.
1st guy) He's the slowest common denominator
by escyr July 10, 2012
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