1 definition by Maureen Raye

An avatar of Satan. Judge Judy seduces simple minded human beings into its media courtroom with promises of financial rewards and celebrity if they renounce Justice. Having renounced Justice, the litigants are then subjected to Judge Judy's derision, ridicule, sarcasm, and hatred. Judge Judy supports and nourishes itself on the psychological pain and suffering it inflicts on those foolish enough to renounce Justice for money and fame.
Judge Judy came into being when Malevolent Intent fornicated with the Electronic Media. Judge Judy was nursed by the witch Joyful Cruelty and raised by Ratingswar. Judge Judy is destined to preside in its electronic courtroom until the Judgement Day when Judge Judy will be defeated by Justice.
by Maureen Raye March 26, 2007
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