A way of getting somebodies attention similar to "yo"...Can be used in just about any sentence.

<Mainly used in Mississippi and Tennessee>
Pronounced like "JEW"

"Say ju, what time do you get off work?"
"i think im working overtime ju"
"alright ju, call me after you get off"
"aight ju"
by SouthBoi601 January 25, 2008
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Country ass nigga #1: aye ju getta pack uh rillos y u inna sto so we can roll this gas up!
Country ass nigga #2: aight...(walks away)
Country ass nigga #1: (talking to himself) we gon get these hoes loose tonight ju (smiles)
by Skrtshteak January 20, 2020
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A person who is very nice to everyone around them.
“He’s so nice, he might be exactly like Ju!”
by JuLover22 July 9, 2021
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"Ju" is very strong marijuana.

people named anton tends to grow it at their house.
"Ju is weed. Ju is legion."

"have you heard? Anton has the best Ju"
by bargman December 3, 2013
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1) An Asian troll

2) Someone who is no longer a high school freshman.

3) Act of turning something into a sexual innuendo.

4) Act of NOT being the sexiest person alive.
1) "TROLL"
"His screenname looks asian...What a Ju."

2) Young: "I'm a Ju now."
Kai: "No you're not...FRESHMAN."

3) Me: "Hi."
Young: "Stop hitting on me."
Me: "Stop Ju-ing."

4) "I Ju. FML"
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Ju ( P ) Pronunciation Key (sks)
noun. ju
adj. ju.ha.i.er, ju·ha·i·est
1)A combination of the characters; intelligenct, funny, sexy, hot, amibitious and caring.
3)Slang. Highly appealing or interesting; attractive.
“Gaadam...yo shit is tiiiight. It's da Juuuu” (Anonymous).
by Dictionary January 27, 2004
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