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It is a Muslim girl name means wise. Areenub has leadership characteristics. She accepts challenges. She has very good management skills.
Areenub doesn't fear of troubles .
by Dictionary November 23, 2021
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someone that don't have a life and stalk other peoples
by Dictionary August 15, 2003
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1. An extremely hot girl who is not aware of her supreme sexiness.
2. A girl who is lusted over by many a sophmore boy (and girl, possibly)

Sbecky is so hot, no wonder Tom and 15 other people love her!
by Dictionary August 17, 2003
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adj. 1) To be unshakeable
2) To be unfrightenable
dainevaskae, its football time.
by Dictionary June 8, 2004
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Word used to replace surname "Sullivan" when the person is of Australian origin
Can be used to infer Homosexuality
Can also be used to infer obscene intelligence but great lack of common sense
You're such a Shallivan
by Dictionary April 23, 2005
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