Most beautiful human on the planet. Sweet, humble and kind. QB for the Buffalo Bills. Can hurdle any obstacle (or person) in his way. Throws footballs like darts. The best 4th quarter QB. Radiates big d*ck energy.
Id let Josh Allen f*ck my wife.
by MeowMix746 March 29, 2020
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The most amazing guy in the world the one who no one can see threw. he makes everyday of your life better . He is sexy, beautiful, cute, and everything you can imagin and he looks good no matter what, if your not with him you can't help but miss him. He Is the most wonderful person you will ever met and when hes yours, you can't let him go. You can't ever get mad at him, it's just not possible. When you falll in love with him theres no turning back.
Josh Allen Is the most amazing person i have ever met.
by Kara Ann Whitson July 27, 2011
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josh allen is known to be the biggest nonce on the planet
jimmy "have u heard of that guy who got his phone destroyed for sending nudes to underage girls?"
stuart "he must be a right josh allen"
by Titcho August 12, 2018
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