Jood is usually a girl with brown hair and brown eyes. Jood is a caring, loving person. She is so funny. Jood hates drama but is always put into it. She does not make anyone feel left out. She knows what friends to keep close. She has a very nice personality and everyone always wants to be around her. Jood is super pretty. You either become her friend or fall in love with her but their is no way you hate her. She is so fun and spirited. You always need a Jood in your life.
"That girl is so hot, she is probably a Jood."
"Jood is so nice!"
by Queen.Of.comebacks March 16, 2016
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an Arabic middle eastern name that means generosity ,also usually the best person you'll ever meet they dont have as big as an ego as me .
that girl in algebra class is so hot and generous she must be a jood
by mr.moosupreme November 21, 2018
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Abbreviation for Jumper/Snood. A fashionable, alternative way to wear a jumper/pullover/sweatshirt as a scarf. Commonly worn by London hipsters.
"Dude, you look 'balls what is that?"
"Totes Tarquin, it's a Jood"
by BMDN November 12, 2013
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An annoying spoiled girl, who is most likely popular. Has a lot of friends is isn’t usually hated as she acts “kind”
Omg jood is coming

Get ready u know she is about to ask something.
by Loserboi123 April 22, 2019
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judy but spelled jood. see also "jü"
when you pronounce it you need to pout your lips super hard and extend the "ood" sound as long as possible so you sound weird
the name originated from michael rosen's vine "hot food" since everything that ends with "ood" sounds weird

jood is a kweed addict who has a cute cat and doesn't realize that she has friends
she belongs to a cult named "kweed f4"
she speaks kpop and is extremely sensitive to anything related
she can control her laughter in 1 millisecond which is impressive af

since "jood" sounds nothing like a normal name
you can randomly use this word without any meaning or intention
people will think you're high which is the truth
a: jooooood
b: joooooooooooooood
a: are you obsessed with jood
b: idk

*sees jood*
a & b: jooooooooooooooooood
jood: ?
by nothaydenz September 25, 2020
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It is good spelled with a "j". Same meaning, just alot cooler. Jood.
Girl: "I loved that movie"
Guy: "Jood"
Girl: "Oh, your so cool"
Point proven.
by Mikey..... October 30, 2007
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Dutch word meaning jew. Usually people from Amsterdam.
"Zie je die kut joden daar?"
"Do you see those fucking jews over there?"

"Hij is een jood!"
"He is a jew!"
by Viper23rd July 31, 2008
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