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a portmanteau of the words "kpop" and "weed"
when you are addicted to kpop and watched too many crack vids, you will get high, as if you just did weed
thus the word "kweed"
a: what are you doing
b: i'm on kweed
b: im highhh

a: what time is it
b: its kweed timeee
b: do kweed guys
by superiorlesbian August 10, 2020
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kweed stands for "kpop" + "weed" due to its highly addictive content
kweed f4 is a cult (group chat) consisting of 4 kweed dealers who are high 24/7
their representative symbol is "ዊ"
they recently realized that they have no friends
a: no matter what group chat we join
a: it's always the four of us talking
b: we have no friends
b: kweed f4
c: why
c: xswl
d: *picture of jyp crying*

5 seconds later:

d: siwhdjkehdjkehjkdhjkewkjdnekndk
d: *video of park jimin*
a: sjkwkd
b: hdekhdjkehd
c: g2edgh2ebdj

b: *video of kim jisoo*
b: i'm hiiigh
a: so that's why we don't have friends
d: *picture of jyp crying and laughing*
c: why
c: xswlll
by superiorlesbian August 19, 2020
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according to the cult kweed f4, every word that ends with "ood" sounds extremely hilarious
it's maybe because they have a weird sense of humor and are immature
the theory came from michael rosen's "hot food" vine

examples include jood, the hot food version of judy
hayden as hood
anna or apple as aood (you can't even pronounce this which makes it even weirder)
i would be surprised if you found this funny as well but please do give it a try on your name

oood bood (ok bye)
a: have you heard of the hot food theory
b: i am already laughing
a: aood lood
b: hood zood
a & b: joooooooood goooooooood
a: it makes no sense
b: ikr
by superiorlesbian September 26, 2020
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judy but spelled jood. see also "jü"
when you pronounce it you need to pout your lips super hard and extend the "ood" sound as long as possible so you sound weird
the name originated from michael rosen's vine "hot food" since everything that ends with "ood" sounds weird

jood is a kweed addict who has a cute cat and doesn't realize that she has friends
she belongs to a cult named "kweed f4"
she speaks kpop and is extremely sensitive to anything related
she can control her laughter in 1 millisecond which is impressive af

since "jood" sounds nothing like a normal name
you can randomly use this word without any meaning or intention
people will think you're high which is the truth
a: jooooood
b: joooooooooooooood
a: are you obsessed with jood
b: idk

*sees jood*
a & b: jooooooooooooooooood
jood: ?
by superiorlesbian September 26, 2020
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some questionable material kakashi reads in naruto and naruto shippuden, written by jiraiya aka. ero sennin
naruto: sakura-chan! sakura-chan! have you seen kakashi sensei???
sakura: he's probably reading come come paradise
naruto: he's reading ero sennin's r-rated porn book... how surprising
sasuke: he's late again
*kakashi appears*
kakashi: sorry... i guided someone to the hokages's office, he was lost-
naruto, sakura, sasuke: ...
naruto, sakura, sasuke: KAKASHI SENSEI
kakashi: heh heh heh
by superiorlesbian August 20, 2019
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