A shorter more convenient form of the word: totally. This word is most commonly used by teenage girls.

The most obvious advantage of using this word is the time saved. Data collected at a prestigious university found that every syllable spoken takes approximately 0.14 seconds.

The same prestigious university also found that the average valley girl says the word totally around 190 times a day.

If you do the math, the average time saved by using the word totes as opposed to totally would save 26.6 seconds a day! Over the course of a year that adds up to 2.7 hours!!
Girl #1: I totes want to go to the shoe store because I totes need to purchase new heels.

Girl #2: Totes! I totes need a new pair too so I'll totes go with you.

Girl #3: OH EM GEE! you guys saved 0.7 seconds by saying totes instead of totally!!
by ThatsWhatsup14 December 21, 2010
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by ha April 2, 2005
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Omg I am Totes there bfflflfllfbfllflbfllfbfl!!!!

*kicked in the thoat*
by Angelsfire December 7, 2008
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A word used to shorten the word totally.

Typically used by teenage girls and 30 year olds who like to use the term because of their love of "I love you, Man."
by Mrs. Farmey April 11, 2012
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(verb, adjective, adverb, noun, etc. etc.)

1. Salutations of some sort; also farewell - "Totes!;" "Stay totes!"

2. Action word (verb) in ambiguous context - "Totes it up!"; "Let's totes this place!"

3. Original connotation: totally - "That girl is totes hot,"; "You're totes sketch."

4. Any positive association - "Getting into college is totes!"; "Yeah, Glee is pretty much the totes!"

5. A method with which to puncture silences, esp. those of the awkward variety - "...Totes."
by zoyers December 4, 2010
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Abbreviated version of "totally." All words that "totes" modifies should be abbreviated if at all possible; some exceptions apply.

Original usage is "totes obvi" and should never be used by people who actually use "obvi" in conversation.
I am totes starve tonight.
That comment was totes inapprop.
Those test questions were totes ridic!
I can't believe he wouldn't buy me a drink. He is totes cheap!
by IAmTheBooty June 9, 2007
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Two or more large open topped bags with straps, often made of hemp, organic canvas or carbon neutral nylon, typically used by hippies and green yuppies.
Honey, are we ready to go to the farmer's market? Don't forget our totes!

Omg, are those totes made from recycled materials? How greentastic!
by LilMountain April 4, 2011
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