To be thought of as pretty much totally amazing; awesome.
My friend said I was the raddest guy ever!
by AquaFresh13 September 20, 2009
To be more radical then normally thought possible by non-rad people.
My brother is the raddest person EVER.
by TheLastMinute August 12, 2004
max and ki. aka max the rabies having Gaylord and ki aka the Riddler obsessed nge lover. literally the 2 most coolest people on earth. they're both unstoppable. Stan ki and max.
"The raddest duo ever is ki and max. I heard they're super cool bro."
by violentgummo May 1, 2022
Used to describe a person, place, thing, situation, feeling, action, or thought that is overwhelmingly cool and/or hella awesome.
John: Yo, that's a cool flute.

Flutist: I know, it's radder than the raddest radish!
by Sir Raddxcore Radish July 11, 2008
The term referring to Kimberly Sian Parry, the manchild who usually can be found riding her sporter scooter up and down Fforddisa every single day and night like the rad gal he/she is.

She always wears a helmet.
Man 1: "What's that coming over the hill?"
Man 2: "Oh it's just Kim Parry with her clan of year 7 neighbours on their sporter scooters."

Man 1: "O fock boiio. That's the The raddest chick on Fforddisa"
by gididdledoo January 15, 2019