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A fat, compulsively lying asshole that takes xanax bars all day long, making him crave McRibs from McDonalds. He is also known for starting fights over dumb shit, like a game of cards. and is also known as a huge cockblock because of his dumbassness. You may be dealing with a "riblet" when they do the following:

Take mass amounts of pills daily and has brain damage as a result.
Asks you to pick him up for a ride and lies about gas money.
dumb fuck
Takes nuts and penis to face when passed out from drugs.
Runs around naked in the middle of the night and pisses the bed.
Causes earthquakes when he makes bowel movements.
Two-time texts because his fingers are so fat the fat jiggles from his finger and hits the send button twice.
A dumbass thief that steals dumb shit, such as your electric razor with all your germs on it.
"Did Riblet try and call you today? He is a fat ass pussy blockin bitch!"
by Young Reezy December 11, 2007
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Reporter #1: We are here at police headquarters where demonstrators are visibly upset at the verdict in a case that has pitted the city along racial lines.

Reporter #2: Yes indeed, xxx xxx was not only fount not guilty but today he also enraged members of the African-American community by referrring to his accusers, three teenage African-American girls, as "that bunch of riblets."
by drunkdong November 20, 2006
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