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The main dancer of South Korean boy group "EXO" insanely handsome and talented. Will literally kill you with his smirk.
Jongin is such an amazing dancer, he definitely belongs in EXO!
by Exokaitrash May 27, 2017
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"Kim jongin is a literal god that god sent down to bless us mere peasants with. His smile is the equivalent to the sun and he possesses more beauty than michelangelo's sistine chapel. His laugh is like bright bubbles of happiness and joy, and it's really cute when he laughs to the point where you can hear each individual 'ha' in his laugh, he's probably living his best life and we love that for him. A perfectionist who's very hard on himself but shouldn't be since he has all the talent in the world at his disposal, dancing so beautiful and sharp. He has a way with moving his body that it conveys emotion and a story in each of his dances, such a strong stage presence that he even acknowledges the personality change he was taught to convey on stage when he dances. Kim Jongin, Kim Kai, same person. A love for dogs and teddy bears, homie is someone you just have to love bc lets be honest everyone loves Jonginnie."
kim jongin is the living embodiment of untouchable perfection n thats the tea
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by aidensrk September 21, 2018
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