When a guy has everything a girl wants and is totally iresisitable
Damn marco is such daddy material.

Example: Jake peralta
by Jake Peralta April 9, 2016
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when hes all innocent in public but lowkey has the ability to be hardcore dominant in the bedroom.
me:ahh fuck hes so fucking daddy material imma wet my pants right here.
her: totally fuckin right u are
by father complications May 3, 2017
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a guy who is absolutely perfect in your eyes, contains everything you want; has a pretty large junk most of the time
Damnnn Rebecca, your boyfriend is daddy material!!
by NikkiMB123 June 12, 2017
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Baby-Daddy Material is mainly used towards "Pretty Boys" or in other words, "Very Attractive Men". A young man who has beautiful features as in: eyes, lips, hair, and skin. These are the type of men just to have beautiful babies with and nothing more.
"He is so fine! He has long flowing hair, green eyes, soft pink lips, and he's light-skinned! Oh yea, definitely baby-daddy material!"
by Crispy-Cream October 8, 2011
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your a nice person and anyone would be lucky to have you and your gay
damn did you see that McNick Daddy Material he’s a snack.
by mcnick daddy November 26, 2018
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A father to-be that focusses on material products. The golddigger papa.
That man is a material Daddy. All he wants is the equity of the girl.
by Material Daddy January 21, 2023
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