For privacy purposes, I'll refrain from saying her name, but you know who you are, and I love you. It goes without saying that the very woman my heart belongs to, is also the very woman who shows that miracles do happen. And one happened to me, that night when you first texted me. Without saying a word, she is beautiful, sexy, gorgeous, cute, adorable and everything positive about one's appearence. When she smiles, the sun itself shines through so bright. Her eyes glisten and sparkle, as blue as the ocean itself. Her face, dotted to the T with adorable little freckles. Vibrant red hair lies on top her head. Her body is like that of no other, thick, delicous, sexy and all around perfect to the very core, every single part. She's as beautiful as the stars on a clear night sky. She knows not of how much she means to me, but when she reads this, i'm hoping she'll start to understand just how much she truly does. A life without you, is a life not worth living. Be mine forever and always. And with that, comes the conclusion. I love you, my feiry red headed fiancè.
"Wow, just look at her"
"Ikr, she is the literal definition of perfection. My lord"
by The most perfect woman September 17, 2016
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