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A small northern creature which can be seen frequenting the Bloomfield road area.

It is often bad tempered leading to hostile human - Jolley interactions.

The Jolley is often found in the north of England and is native to the Blackpool area. The Jolley has a gruff sound and is often observed with an orange tinge. The Jolley has been known to migrate to southern England in search of resources to take back to it's northern homeland.
'Do you see that small orange furball little timmy?'
'Yes dad it looks like it's been abused by someones penis!'
'Thats a Jolley'
by JolleyObserver November 04, 2009
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verb-the act of sodomy to a mystical animal, such as a unicorn or narwhal.

adj-a person or object that is perfect in every way. sometimes used as an expression to show surprise or excitement, 'oh jolley!'

syn: perfect, epic, awesome
that girl's ass is so jolley!
by jolleyjoe October 17, 2010
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