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A boy (or girl) who constantly messes (fucks) with people. Their use of sarcasm is sneaky and hard to decipher. You never know whether or not they are telling the truth or making a joke. They're usually mysterious, but funny and exciting individuals. It is good to note that Fuckers should rarely be taken seriously. Fuckers are either a little goofy looking or extremely sexy, sly looking,- there is no in-between. People who have the opportunity to meet a fucker become obsessed with trying to figure them out, but they typically never will.

Other names for a 'fucker' include: Fuckdog or Fuckcat
Example 1: Micheal showed me his wallet and told me he was broke, so I bought him a drink at the bar. Later on, I saw him pull out $20 from his pocket. He's such a fucker!

Example 2: John: "Why did Bella just come up to me and say 'Happy Birthday?' Does she actually think it's my birthday or is it a pickup line?"
Amanda: "Neither, she's just a fucker."
by Fuckers Anonymous November 12, 2018
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