She is a loyal and strong-headed person. She is a lifesaver and when you need help you can always turn around and she'll have your back. Jolene is beauty queen but she doesn't mind staying out of drama. You must be blessed if you have an Jolene in your life because she saves you in need!! Don't ever dare to hurt Jolene because she doesn't deserve that! SHE DESERVES THE BEST!!
Dude : Jolene Thank you!! You're always saving me
Dude : You're a lifesaver
by User23460 April 7, 2017
A very strong willed women, who doesnt take shit from anyone,Is drop dead gorgeous, Has a loveable personality one of the best human beings on the planet
Look at that hottie shes a real Jolene
by Jolene1986 February 3, 2010
A woman who can easily take my man
Please don’t take my man, Jolene

Yeah, and then Jolene stole my boo
by Joleeeeene March 10, 2019
Jolene’s are the most sweet, awesome beautiful girls you could ever come across. They sing like angles and are beautiful like them too. Meeting one is like coming across a four leaf clover. If you got one... keep them real tight because you don’t wanna loose em. And Jolene’s are great best friends, awesome sisters, and even more amazing girlfriends. If you have a jolene in your life. Keep them close, they wanna love you. They commonly are best friends with Jaidens
- Jolene’s besfriend❤️
by JAKAKS April 18, 2019
Sometimes a Jolene can be a real b, her personality may not be the best and sometimes Jolene’s give food to other people to only get them to like them. Jolene’s have had a rough past but are really smart. Jolene’s DONT like to let their guard down and pretend to be tough but in reality she’s a big softie inside
Girl 1: Dude did u see the new girl
Girl 2: Yeah, she’s acting like a real Jolene
by mollin March 21, 2019
Jolene is like Aurelia
She is radiant, and lights up a room with her beautiful smile and amazing green/blue eyes. Blonde long hair soft to the touch that any guy can’t help but run their fingers threw. She spends her days in sunlight and love. Will steal your heart but unlike aurelia she will not break it. She is a Demi god that is part human and does make mistakes but will own up to them. She is 100% loyal and almost to honest. Is too nice to others it’s almost her weakness. Any man would be lucky to have her but they never see it untill it’s too late. She holds her friends close like they are family. But puts her man above them and even her own children at times. She is often taken advantage of but will never change who she is and what she believes in. She will only love once and that will change everything she thought about love and how she even acted towards that man. That man will change everything and only time will tell what that man will do with her heart. Treat her the way you want to be treated.
1-“What did you do last night after I left?”
2-“I met a girl”
1-“Oh really? What’s she like?”
2-“She’s a real Jolene, no other words will explain any better then that!”
by Yo_Jo-jo December 4, 2018
JOLENE: Jo-Lean - A term for a skinny girl with a rockin hot bod. Also used interchangeably as a term meaning intense sexual intercourse.
Sorry for my tardiness. I ran into Jolene and was made aware of a fierce need to engage in lengthy sexual activity.

See also: spooge
by sex pants March 8, 2009