Jolene is the coolest bestie in the world. Theres even a song called "Jolene". She is funny, shy, a PRETTY BLONDIE and very very nice. She is wrong and loves tigers. I dont know what to do if she wasnt there for me. She was my best friend since year 3 and i love her to bits <3
Hey Jolene isnt that your personality? ;)
Hmm.... I feel like being stalked, haha
by JOLENES BEST BUDDIE October 22, 2011
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V. To give some the Jolene is to hit them in the face during sex.
N. Jolene is a horny women who cant get off during sex, and loves to eat chocolate.
V. You just got Jolened! hows that bruise coming along?
N. Man, she was a Jolene for sure.
by 13Hacky13 November 11, 2006
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Someone that knowingly spreads herpes.
"OMG! She fucked him without a condom and she knows she has the herp. She just pulled a Jolene!"

Celebrities who are accused of Jolene-ing are: Michael Vick, Liza Minnelli, Robin Williams, David Hasselhoff, Tony Bennett
by beepbeeper April 29, 2011
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