One of the best actors ever. Fantastic in Blow & in Ed Wood. Also, he's super hot.
Johnny Depp lives in France, & is the best actor out there.
by numchuck bitch July 29, 2003
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One of the greatest actors of his generation, though in my opinion, THE greatest actor working today. The sheer acting ability of the man is amazing, but he is also very intelligent in his roles, is not afraid to go with his instincts or roles HE wants to portray, and has never (and would never) resort to relying on his appearance.

Five reasons he's the best
1. He's intelligent.
2. He's interesting.
3. He's very laid back and acts like a regular guy.
4. His roles are insanely diverse, and he's fantastic in every one of them.
5. He loves what he does.

Now that we've got the professionalism out of the way, Johnny Depp is also one of the most fuckable guys on the planet, and his creation of Jack Sparrow has deemed him forever a Sex God. He is sex on toast, but he's also a brilliant actor, an interesting person, and just really *nice*. If you've only seen PotC, watch his other films.
I want to sleep with Johnny Depp.

Johnny Depp looks better in eyeliner than I do!
by glitterfaerie October 21, 2004
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The hottest 40 year old actor known to human kind, and the best pirate.
The only actor who looks super hot in eye liner is Johnny Depp.
by Pirate06 May 28, 2006
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a completely fantabulous actor who can light up an entire film by simply smiling, speaking, or even breathing. he thoroughly deserves all of the praise he is given, and is way too cool to be bothered by any of the mindless criticism thrown his way.

Johnny is God.
All praise Johnny Depp.
for further proof/convincing, please refer to any of his films, as they are all fantastic.
by parlez January 03, 2005
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An amazing actor and very attractive. He's 40, and he still, somehow, looks 25.
He's a year (probably a couple months) older than my mom.
by *Takanishi* September 16, 2004
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An actor that doesn't sell out his talent for money.
Doing a movie for the purpose of stretching the range of your acting abilities, not for garnering cold hard cash or getting you and your girlfriend/wife/ or boyfriend/husband on the red carpet.
by Christy H May 11, 2005
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