One Sexy Person That Gets All The Ladies And A Very Cool Person Particularly Named Joseph Or Josef
Joey looked so sexy yesterday.
Everybody knows Joey duhh.
Oh Joey? Yea he gets all of the ladies
by joeyrobinson October 23, 2010
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1. A baby male kangaroo.
2. Actual name of "The Most Interesting Man in the World," seen in various Dos Equis beverage commercials.
3. A male who is cool, calculated, sexy, and is ridiculously loaded, both in his pockets and in his pants.
Girl 1: Why are you in a wheelchair?
Girl 2: (Panting) J-J-Joey..... ;D
Girl 1: Understandable.
by Joey Bizzle April 05, 2010
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the hottest guy around all the girls look at him and want to get in his pants. but he only gives one nightstands
look at joey over there i want to get in his pant

another girl:he only gives one nights but they are amazing you sould try it
by vjj in pants May 23, 2010
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1. Baby kangaroo.

2.when males try to hide an erection by pointing the penis up and tucking it in the waistband of their pants. The term joey comes from the fact that if you lift up your shirt, your penis looks like a little head poking out of a pouch like a baby kangaroo, also known as a joey.
I popped the biggest boner in class but I needed to sharpen my pencil so I just pulled a joey.
by jdstan March 10, 2015
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irish origin,means that he is better than you at everything just the coolest name in the world
by drew halbaken January 12, 2008
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Joey is the sweetest person you’ll ever meet he’s adorable, charming, smart, and funny;maybe a little bit grumpy but Joey will always be there for his loved ones .he has a big heart . he get mad at you but you’ll always be in his mind but make sure you don’t ever lose him because you’ll regret everything. a Joey is to be loved at all times no matter what .he might have metal illness but he still knows how take good care of your heart sometimes he’ll let the demons in his head get to him but you be there and show him he is stronger than he thinks ;if you are there for him the more he’ll be there for you he’ll always protect you and love you at all times.!!!so keep him and take care of him he’ll do the same!!
1-oh look Joey

2-oh yeah he’s the best person ever

1-Lucky,I wish I had my own Joey...
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