New Zealand slang. (Background info:) Used by people substituting word condom for joey

Source: Myself, others, it's mentioned in Kiwiana books, it's official and this definition needs to get into this site. 3rd submission attempt now?
Did you use a joey?
by billbill112 June 08, 2016
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  • joey.men
A Feminine "male" who is girlish enough to be "metro", yet too "manly" to be gay.

Or so the Joey says. .

"Like. .Ohmigosh, he is SUCH a Joey with that man-purse of his. ."
by Anonymousasyourmom March 26, 2007
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An Australian term for a homosexual man who is unpleasantly fat and un-attractive.
Girl: Seeing a Joey at the club last night almost made me want to turn lesbian.
by H00chymama January 08, 2008
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either a baby kangaroo, or the an adorable person who is nice to everyone he meets. he makes me melt everytime i see him. girls want to be with him and guys want to be him. he will win your heart with only a wink, and he doesn't even know it. once he's in your life, there's no turning back. he will be stuck in your mind forever. many people are yet to meet a joey, and i pity them. joey is unforgettable.
"hey, that guy reminds me of a baby kangaroo!"
"yeah, i know, right? it's actually just joey."
"i think i love him"
"no, he just looked at you."
by lollipop lamoureux February 19, 2012
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A troll, jackass, pretentious, bastard. Talented to the highest in lying. Self centered piece of shit with an arrogant attitude. Despite all flaws, is still something you're highly anxious to crawl into bed with any chance you get. Reigns supreme in giving you the hottest sex hair of your life with the added benefit of the most amazing arctic sky colored eyes staring back at you. But still a major asshole.
My boyfriend is such a Joey, he'd be out on his ass so fast his head would spin if it weren't for the poundings.
by SheenIsWinning June 20, 2011
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