An upper class male or female that buys the best sporting equipement and therefore, gives himself he is a pro and owns the place when in reality he's just a dick with alot of money and no skill.
Dude, the joeys are coming up to the mountain from Long Island today...no freshies for them!
by kalomira August 10, 2006
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ecstacy pill, coined after revelations that Andrew "joey" John's had been caught in possession of an ecstacy pill in London.
"hey man, you gettin on the joey's tonight or what"
by storkman January 15, 2008
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Person A: aww look at the baby kangaroo
Person B: Otherwise known as a Joey.
by bg1297 September 10, 2012
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Coming to a full stop at an intersection that has no stop sign.
My dad pulled a Joey, and the guy behind us started honking.
by Cellly June 25, 2013
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A rather annoying individual who relies too much on others to form his own opinions. A Joey tends to duplicate others extremely well. Also, Joeys tends to lack the maturity level of those around him, which repels fellow people near his age group.
Person Near Age Level: God DAMN! Grow up Joey, do it yourself! It's like everything I do gets copied by you!

Joey: What are you talking about? I'm old enough to make my own decisions.

Person Near Age Level: omg I'm about to commit suicide.

Joey: Can I join?


Spongebob: Say, you're pretty good.

Patrick: Thanks.

Spongebob: HAH!

Patrick: HAH!

Spongebob: Darn.

Patrick: Darn.

Spongebob: Mary had a....

Patrick: Mary had a.....

Spongebob: ...little lamb who's fleece was white as

Patrick: ....little lamb who's fleece was white as

Spongebob + Patrick: PICKLED FISHSTICKS!
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A guy who takes your care packages in MW2, especially when they're harrier airstrikes. Typically considered a jerk.
Person 1: Dude you took my FUCKING CARE PACKAGE, you're such a jerk joey.
Person 2: Dude w/e, don't be such a debbie downer.
by xMrSprinkles56x January 06, 2010
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Verb: To Joey

The act of allowing a considerable amount of time to pass before responding to a text message.

Common responses include:
Girl 1: He still hasn't responded, it's been almost three hours!
Girl 2: Face it, you're being Joeyed
by ahwell June 21, 2012
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