Not to be confused with the texas tuck a Joey is The practice of tucking your erect penis under your waistband while not wearing a shirt leaving the head of your penis exposed like a baby kangaroo in its mother’s pouch.
Zavier popped a Joey while on the beach After he walked past some baddies in order to hide his erection.
by Savagedr.phil May 28, 2020
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a person that will do anything for someone
'oh he picked up my pencil, carried my books and gave me a glue stick' 'what a joey'
by shazaaoxoxo February 11, 2012
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A guy who you meet and instantly forget as he didn't make much of an impression and is therefore rather forgettable
Mate you've met him loads of times! Really? I don't remember he must of been a bit of a Joey.
by Pozzyp September 13, 2014
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Joey is a guy that is super sweet and cute and usually a total gentleman, but sometimes he acts all grumpy like he doesn't want to be friends and you're left confused because literally yesterday he was flirting and protecting you! Joey is just a really confusing guy that should come straight out and tell you if he likes you.
Dude this book is full of plot twists.

We should call it Joey.
by TheDorkyPrincess December 2, 2017
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a sweet, lovable girl. a good friend to whomever deserves it. can have her moments but is always there in the end. tends to space out and go MIA for a while but will soon be reachable. any person is lucky to have a Joei in their life and should cherish her
Who sent you that?


That's really sweet
by Jeremy Gilbert April 3, 2013
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Pulling a joey or used in different senses of the term directly mean to screw something up in a very horrible or irreversible way.
"You really joeyed it up this time!" , "You pulled a joey!" , "You're being such a joey (used in the sense of being annoying or unpleasurable).
by UrbanDictUsr June 5, 2021
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