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A biblical name meaning God is salvation. Joshua’s can be pretty straight laced and obedient, men of god. They like to be disciplined and take great care of themselves and their health. They dislike sloppy ness and dishonesty, of any kind. They are stern and serious at times but with a Joshua you know you’ve found a friend you can rely on. Someone to take you seriously and not judge you, someone with an open mind.
by 🥦 BroccoliBae April 15, 2019
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Joey is so sweet, I miss him. he was one of my best friends, he always knew how to lighten the mood and make everyone feel at ease. He was never cocky and when he was, it was kind of cute. Big flirt. but you never thought he was actually serious and flirting with you, because come on, he’s too good looking of a guy to want to get with you. Anyways, he’s great and smart and I hope he’s doing okay wherever he’s at right now. Ok, bye Joey 👋🏾
by 🥦 BroccoliBae April 16, 2019
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A guy to make you feel as if everything in the world is going to be alright. A guy who’s hugs I’m sure feel like your being squished by warm taffy.
by 🥦 BroccoliBae April 15, 2019
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Is a very cool great friend! He’s my classmate and he always helps me out when I’m in a jam *James and girl meet at locker, they smile at each other*

*Wakes up*
James is a dream
by 🥦 BroccoliBae April 15, 2019
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A excellent kicker, he always gets picked for everybody’s teams. He’s a great athlete.
Daniel is a great football kicker
by 🥦 BroccoliBae April 15, 2019
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An amazing friend who you genuinely feel connected and understood by. I think they get down on themselves and feel alone, but they should know that they’re not alone, their friends care about them. Is sometimes intimidating to talk to but he’s always friendly with the people he cares about. He always tries to be a good friend and keep connections strong.
Danny is my friend! Do you know him?
by 🥦 BroccoliBae April 15, 2019
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My friend who is impatient when I run late from class.
I love Danny, but sometimes he gets really impatient when I run late from class.
by 🥦 BroccoliBae April 18, 2019
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