Beware, Joey runs around these parts of the woods without any concern for law and order. If you cross Joey, you better hope that you were not seen.
by RockyJohnson May 30, 2020
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A “Joey” is basically the clean version of the word “f*ckboy.” He’s a boy that doesn’t genuinely care about you and is only playing and using you. This is a boy that does you wrong, whether it’s cheating on you, leading you on, and more. This circulated from the Just Sharon YouTube channel.
Girl 1: He’s cute, what do you think?
Girl 2: No, he’s such a Joey. He cheated on his last girlfriend with her sister.
by justsharon March 10, 2020
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A unique guy, with a great sense of humor
Tall,dark, and handsome
Cuddly like a teddy bear but strong like a man
Gorgeous eyes,and a great conversationalist
Complete package
Total hottie
My Joey Joe Joe
Joey is soooooooooo hot
by BethW May 16, 2008
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A person who is a showoff and a hoe.
Man Joey is such a hoe!
by RealOGdefiner November 19, 2016
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A freakin bad wrestler that sucks but and is an ass
Joey ur bad lol mike is better than u
by Hejdifkdnendnf February 5, 2019
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