Hardcore,hot,sexy,bigcock,good kisser, wants kids, and is a handsome bitch. hoe
by Anfhajesndjzns November 28, 2016
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The security guard in every stealth game whom by murdering triggers every security guard to converge to your location.
Guard A: "Hey man, it's Joe's birthday!"
Guard B: "Really?"
Guard A: "Let's surprise him! All units converge to Joe's position."

All Units: "Hey Joe!"
*They discover you holding Joe's dead body with a knife stuck to the back of his neck*
All Units: ">:("

Mission Failed. No Optic Camo for you.
by Xekiel March 03, 2010
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1.) a person or thing (often a person) who breaks furniture, or items in the houses, areas, or properties belonging to another person or thing. adj.

2.) a person or thing (often a person) who plans a certain event, or assures another he or she will be there, and randomly bails on them all. adj.
1.) Person 1: "Why the hell did you break my bed?"
Person 2: "I don't know... I'm sorry."
Person 1: "Wow, you're such a Joe!"

2.) Person 1: (on phone) "Where the hell are you? You're suppose to be here... 1 HOUR AGO!"
Person 2: (on phone) "Uh, I can't make it, bye." (hangs up)
Person 2: (to friends) "WOW, What the fuck, he said he can't come. He just ditched us, what a fucking Joe."
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A person who doesnt keep his promises. Uses people for his own needs and then abandons them.
She was crushed after Joe told her that she wasn't a priority and then left her behind.
by Chane18 August 15, 2008
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1. Wow! look at that joe....its so sloppy!!!
2. Oh Man, I got to take such a big joe!!!
3. Dude, I jus ate that prime rib and now i have to take such a dirty joe.
4. My girlfriend dropped a big joe on my chest last night.
by Dylan Tito September 02, 2007
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A boy who you will instantly fall in love with. He has stunning blue eyes and dirty blone hair. He loves his girlfriend with all of his heart and can make any girl's heart melt. He is athletic and is often refered to as "the smartest boy in the class". He is musically talented and has a great voice when it comes to singing.
Girl 1: "Did you see the new kid?"

Girl 2: "Oh you mean Joe?"
Girl 1: "Yeah, the smart kid from biologytoday"
Girl 2: "Yeah, I couldn't keep my eyes off him!"
by Lindacapari January 05, 2014
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A awsome bad ass guy. Someone who is willing to sacrifice himself for who he loves. Has a great humor and has fun. This badass man loves to party and have fun. This man is also truthful and loving. This man is just BASASS
I want to be a Joe
by TheUnknownJ January 11, 2015
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