When you rub & scratch your sweaty, musky nutsack & then smear your hand around the rim of someones drink.
He was talking shit so when he wasn't looking I jocko'd his beer.
by Doyle February 11, 2004
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to move hand over taint and lower tescicle area and apply or administer to a unsuspecting persons beverage, perfurably the lip area.
mikes being a total ass hole tonight so i jocko'ed his budwiser, watch him take a drink
by stoph December 6, 2003
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A kickass song by Devo. Not as well known as Devo's biggest hit, Whip It.
Are we not men?
We are Devo!
Are we not men?
by revo January 30, 2005
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A woman who enjoys the taste of large amounts of man juice in and around her oral region, many times a day!
by bam nutz April 19, 2009
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a straight jock who is so straight and so jock-like that he's obviously a neandertal and/or gay. Almost always from the suburbs.(Thus it is practically a synonym for "male suburbanite")
Yo, look who's cruising down the main drag in their white Jeep on a Friday night lookin' to get some- it's species jocko homo!
by roger January 30, 2004
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The best taco in the world. I love you summer
Wifes pussy is the Jocko taco. What's for dinner?.......Jocko tacos?
by Useless ex husband June 26, 2023
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