The best day ever because the baddest females born on this day and they smart asf no cap
M: Wats yo birthday

E: September 19

M : no wonder u so fine
by BestoftheBest475 October 17, 2019
On this day, some of the best and most beautiful humans are born. They make for the greatest of friends, and they are people you can hold dearly in your heart.
"He seems like he was born on September 19, he's such an amazing friend!"
by Lord of Nowhere October 16, 2019
The day when the hottest girls are born on. You are lucky if you have this birthday because you know you got the cake 🎂.
I saw on my friends insta story they posted for there friends birthday. I was not surprised when I saw the date was September 19 because she was hella thicc and hot.
by Lymxkufk October 29, 2019
September 19 is the best day to be alive. If your a girl who was born on this day your the hottest girl in the world. And all the boys want you
If you were born in September 19 your the hottest, smartest, and cutest
by Vscogirlllllll October 30, 2019
When a cute ass nigga what born and he had all the hoes
Was he born on September 19th, I want him bad
by Yourrboi October 17, 2019
Person: Hey Google, what events are happening today?
Google: Today is September 19th, 20XX.
Person: Hey Google, what day is Dance Day?
Google: National Dance Day is on September 19th, 20XX.
by Other K YT September 20, 2020